Date: 15th August 2010

Time: 5.35pm

Hi there….it is been long time i not update the blog…then anyone miss me?…haha…so long time not update since busy with life and work…so without further due…let me brief up what is past activity before this entry:

A) Slash Concert..

slash concert happening during 5th of august…it is an honor for me slash is coming to Malaysia…i still cannot believe it! slash is coming to Malaysia! one of my favorite lead guitar singer is choosing Malaysia as  one of pitstop for his tour…so one time chance is in front of my eyes and i cannot missed it…without further due, booking the ticket and waiting it first concert in my country…haha~ what a satisfaction seeing my favorite guitar solo is playing in front of thousand of audience…

DSC00051 DSC00049

the proof that i been to concert….i pay the ticket to see slash….yeha~


B) 6th Convocation UTeM

the delay caused..: one year

because of delay: extended just one subject….

Your action: celebrated..yeah~

this is my official convocation…since i have to wait for one year for my actual convocation…(last year i missed it because one subject i failed and need to reset paper)..and why not i cannot celebrate it since it official im graduated and employed…yeas!  



the degree holder which cost me 4 and half years to get this…haha

and announcing your graduate to pro-chancellor of UTeM, Muhamad Syakur Fakhri…clap2…






oh before i forgot, at time im typing of this entry is fasting month. so to all muslim reader of my blog, i would like to say happy ramadhan karem….may Allah accept our forgiveness and our work had been done during this fasting month…

that all my friend see u next time


yui92 said...

ooo g konsert ea... =p

take care of my sis k.. and say tanks for the shirts to her for me

come come n see here too