Date: 15th August 2010

Time: 5.35pm

Hi there….it is been long time i not update the blog…then anyone miss me?…haha…so long time not update since busy with life and work…so without further due…let me brief up what is past activity before this entry:

A) Slash Concert..

slash concert happening during 5th of august…it is an honor for me slash is coming to Malaysia…i still cannot believe it! slash is coming to Malaysia! one of my favorite lead guitar singer is choosing Malaysia as  one of pitstop for his tour…so one time chance is in front of my eyes and i cannot missed it…without further due, booking the ticket and waiting it first concert in my country…haha~ what a satisfaction seeing my favorite guitar solo is playing in front of thousand of audience…

DSC00051 DSC00049

the proof that i been to concert….i pay the ticket to see slash….yeha~


B) 6th Convocation UTeM

the delay caused..: one year

because of delay: extended just one subject….

Your action: celebrated..yeah~

this is my official convocation…since i have to wait for one year for my actual convocation…(last year i missed it because one subject i failed and need to reset paper)..and why not i cannot celebrate it since it official im graduated and employed…yeas!  



the degree holder which cost me 4 and half years to get this…haha

and announcing your graduate to pro-chancellor of UTeM, Muhamad Syakur Fakhri…clap2…






oh before i forgot, at time im typing of this entry is fasting month. so to all muslim reader of my blog, i would like to say happy ramadhan karem….may Allah accept our forgiveness and our work had been done during this fasting month…

that all my friend see u next time

date: 19th May 2010

time: 23.40

this week really is challenging with my emotions…seriously it makes my soul feel so down….this entry will be explained why i said earlier is related…

first, after one day short term leave, i happy enter the office with new directions, determination and many more (since got leave on short notice and the leave applied were on Mondays…so can you imagine that!)…suddenly my boss called me to see him….then i noticed maybe need something to discuss regarding my pending works or status and so what ever….then with new mood which gained on short notice leave, i confront my boss and waiting for his instruction or his opening speech….then he showed me my mileage claim which i sent it later Friday...then i began to worried maybe he suspect me something….since i filled the form correctly, i still be confident that my claim is valid…then the first item he enquiry is what propose me go to kuantan…then i explained then etcetera..etcetera…than another laugh he said to me….i begin wonder why he laughing or smiling that time?

then he reminds me about what is your propose me working here….then he reminds me that my job is to be an engineer not another dispatch who working around to send drawings there and there…then i wake up…it really wakes me up and a huge shame is surrounding me that time….owh my god, i did really stupid things which i do not ask first…..i said that in my heart, oh no my money just burned because that stupid thing i did which is doing a posmen or dispatch job from kl to kuantan for sending item, not for discussion or for job related regarding my title as an engineer!

then another bell rings shows that i still in the safe zone, i became lucky. this is because my boss said that this is another slow talk reminder that what should be done should get it done…and my boss generously paid my claim for that my stupid action and boss said to me “engineer should be an engineer where we became problem solver not another follower. we as engineer should be strong and faith in our doings. so this a lesson will be learned and make sure there is no another repeat in the future”. after saying thank you and forgive that my action, i slowly walked out from boss room. and i said stupid me! (that time i never relieved what happened that time just hoping another day coming fast).


P/S: another story, now i just know how to delete message my 2nd new phone faster rather than selecting one by one or conventional method! damn, never read the manuals!

that my story, weekdays became shorter (since my work start at tuesday and next week friday will be another federal holiday!) just go with the flow and trying be sure that past will be remained past and the past will be our guideline for the future

date : 4th may 2010
time: 10.20 pm

my entry for today is just another plain entry. my previous week just filled with works, works, works and others like families, friends, girlfriend and myself. yesterday i just have another dinner with my officemates. stories so many times like being liked by someone or hated by someone. then my point still said is being hated by someone can cause us trouble. yes super2 trouble...then after dinner i decided sent my mates to nearest lrt station and going back home.

then i suddenly realized what happen to me in between that time. mean here that i just saw a father who riding with his children ( which i guess the father just pick her up at somewhere in school). what make me feel touched the father willingness to pick his children. because i saw him riding starting from sg buluh and until the batu caves! what a suprise i guess.

Te event occured at 4-5pm which road condition that time seem so many vehicle at there using the MRR2 road. this includes lorries at left lane. i guess the father tried his best to ride safely and his children (range of lower schoolgirls) hold her father really tight so that both of them can arrive home safely. her father tries his best to overtook the lorry which usually we heard the stories how the reckless lorry drivers are.

then another exit we seperated and i hope they safely arrive home. and my pray to them they always be save arrive to school and home everyday. and i also hope that his children not forget what their father sacrifices during thier childhood.

date : 22 march 2010

time : past 11p.m

today my day is flat. nothing new for the beginning of the day 22nd march. for the morning session is nothing interesting at all, just trying finishing what it should be. pending works, drawings and appointments. that really routine for an engineer and i begin to like it.

then the midday began change my perspective of view. the previous post said that my car just involved in an accident and i think of it really-really to settle it fast so i cannot be pending to my work. then after lunch, i started to pack and get ready to settle unfinished business for my accident woes. then at police station, i found that many people at there compared to previous day when i lodged or complaint a report. but it does not prevent me to finished it. then i entered as shock so many people inside the building.

i waited to pick up my turn for called id or angka giliran, then came another person who is a she towards to the counter. then she asked etc related like when the time get treated, how she have to wait and many more. then i just think why she cannot wait or be patient since so many people at there

then i notice something, her left arm was covered by badge. then i see it again at the wounded, now i understand why she asking that much question. she already lost her left arm and what left is upper part of her arm wounded by bagde. from the badge i can see it quite new. then i stunned at counter for few seconds. then the officer said to me, son if you really want to wait for your turn to be called today, better you came early tomorrow morning since that time there will be less people to attend at counter and you feel easy bout it.  then i think, it would be better for me to do so and not get involve in uncomfortable emotion regarding for services. after agreed with the officer and promise to come again tomorrow, i looked again at her, sitting back and waiting her number to be called by officer. then i think, it she wrong or other people blame make her became disabled without no arm. that question which i think she know or maybe officer knows. but for sure, the God really know better for every each event occurred there will be cause.

so at night i celebrated my mom birthday with amoderate celebration and rich with food.

date : 21 march 2010
time : 9.30 pm

the day is 21 march 2010. then time is 9.30 p.m. this is been 3rd week of march. and it been really hard week in march. last friday my sister got involved in an accident by another chinese. and lucky just car are involved but not the person. then for following weeks maybe i had to pass my driving car to her, as for her usage like go to school or etc. my sister further study at jitra, kedah in accounting in Politeknik Sultan Abd Halim. that car just brought for 2month and another month i have to wait for the damaged cause by another driver to get fixed at Proton Center.

date: 10 february 2010

time: 11.43 pm


for the day after hardworking of work…then came something that can change on the perspective of live..


the story began after office hours…the break season after working so hard after working hours then the body tells to us need to chill out…then loitering at the food stall at back of office…


then one of my friend tell about something what the future can be and suddenly it jump to another topic which is marriage…

he told us that marriage become so costly for the moment…the price of men willing to pay is higher…at first i could not believe it but then it become true when he said that…he just brought a ring with bangles (in gold ok) for RM 3k…then silent is arise in me…i could not speak a word~

price for ring=1.5k and bangle another 1.5k…then he got lucky…then i said why is that? because his fiancée have small wrist or hand…that factor reduce the cost…

moral of story~ work harder…until your drop….

date 18 january 2010

time 45min past 10 p.m.

introduction is not really interesting to write…but i just realize that it almost 18 days after january 2010….then i realize also i not been updated for almost month and this time i got talent and opportunity to write

first of all…i got nothing to say for 18 days past 2010….then i got nothing story to share all of readers…but i just write all and all and all again that i think able to write….

2010 is really meaningful for me….the 2010 is the break even point…where the stages i already left my study years and then 2010 is my beginning to become mature and my adult years begin right now….so my years hopefully fruitful and will ripe at the end

there is another story that i would like to share all of you….which is my year resolution….then what is my new year resolution…

the first thing is able to save my future….but i think i already did by investing in EPF or KWSP in malay….but it will be able to ripe after i got pension or get older…so my another investment that would be saving in pilgrim fund which is in malay called tabung haji……since other people like to invest in ASB or other unit trust…but i believe people think deep or got advice in other sort of investment…but i believe the benefit of investing in tabung haji…when the saving will be ripe…that i got another benefit…that would be go for hajj or umrah and the same time that i got my investment for my purposes like married, married and married….hehe


so the new entry for my new blog is really-really long…so think it is better for me to put fullstop for this entry..